Tuesday, April 21, 2015

More Thoughts about Tracks and Tubes

A/N: If there's one takeaway from this article, let it be this: F-O-F will be teaming up with Trains 
Magazine to cover the 611's inaugural run. Be sure to check back here and on the Trains Magazine web site around May 29-31 for blogs, photography, and live streaming!
On more than one occasion, I've run across more mainstream outlets referring to railroad-related web sites and video feeds as “one of the odd corners of the internet.” It' s a difficult for outsiders to the hobby comprehend why we would find trains interesting, and especially why some individuals become particularly dedicated (to put it kindly) to objects that are for most people primarily a source of annoyance.

Looking at things from within, though, there’s a sort of pure, unbridled enthusiasm that drives the railfan world that I haven’t noticed in my other hobbies. That's one of the things, beyond the love of the equipment and culture, that draws me in and keeps me here. We are like fans of a certain sport, each subscribing to our favorite company or type of equipment, but without the drafts and competitions  embitter one camp against each other. The projects and people who truly divide us into distinct side are few and far between, and we far more often come together in support of restoration projects and special excursions.

Thursday, April 2, 2015

7 Historically Significant Locomotives that Should Have Been Saved--But Weren't

The railroads have existed for almost two hundred years. That's plenty of time for folk tales and cultural icons to sprout up and take an enduring hold. In many cases, railroad legends starred a certain locomotive as much as their crew. Some of these engines have been preserved, and a few are still in running condition: Their owners knew that they had historic value within its own time

This article isn't about those engines, though. It's about the ones that had by all means earned a reprieve from the torch, but, for some reason, were still destroyed. Please note that the criteria for inclusion here is higher than “This was a really interesting class of locomotive and it would be neat if we still had one around."